Additive Lab

The Lehigh University Additive Manufacturing Lab is housed within the 17,000 square foot Wilbur Powerhouse, centrally located on Lehigh University's Asa Packer campus. The building and all of its resources are interdisciplinary in nature, providing for their use across all disciplines, colleges, and majors at Lehigh. The Additive Manufacturing Lab is a teaching, learning, and research lab that embraces the use and implementation of all types of 3D printing. Currently the lab houses twenty three consumer grade fdm machines that are open and directly accessible by all students at Lehigh. In addition to this resource, several commercial grade technologies are available including two Stratasys FDM machines, an Objet 30Pro photopolymer printer, a ZCorp 650 full color binder jetting system, a Hyrel multi-material/multi process system, a SintraTech SLS printer, and our newest addition, a Renishaw AM 250 DMLS, metal printer. All of these technologies are available both for production builds as well as research on new materials and processes.

WB 151 A
3D Printer Area
This area on the first floor is stacked with fully available 3D Printers available to students only.
WB 123 E.
Additive Manufacturing Lab
Housing state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing equipment, the lab resources are available for both production use as well as research. With the goal of embracing all seven families of additive technologies, the lab's ever growing set of resources is available to students, faculty, and staff from any college or discipline.

Meet: FormLabs Form1+

This is a polymer vat type printer better known as Stereolithography or SLA that makes finely detailed, fairly robust parts or prototypes by curing a photosensitive polymer with a UV laser.
Build envelope: 4.9”x4.9”x6.5”
Material: photopolymer resin
Support: integral to print type plus minor break-away supports
Material color: water clear, white, grey, black
Post processing: washing away uncured polymer and support removal
Z-layer height: down to .001”

Meet: 3D Systems ProJet 650

Meet: Stratasys Objet 30 Pro

This is a material extrusion type printer better known as Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM that makes fairly robust parts or prototypes by extruding a polymer filament.
Build envelope: 8”x8”x12”
Material: ABS
Support: yes -- secondary soluble material
Material color: white (other colors available)
Post processing: caustic bath for support material removal
Z-layer height: down to .01”